Why No-Dig

No-Dig is exactly what it says, you don’t dig.
By having a more gentle approach and not tilling the soil you are able to keep the carbon locked in the soil and the mycelium network of the soil intact, it also saves a lot of backbreaking effort so more time can be spent on other creative projects in the garden.

I am a massive advocate of this method myself and you will hear me mention it all the time on my social media, I was first introduced to No-Dig via Charles Dowdings Youtube channel. He has coined the term No-Dig and has been applying this method across his gardens for decades.

The benefits of No-Dig is the lack of weed growth, more moisture retention and a bountiful harvest – Which raises eyebrows amongst old school growers who only know to dig.

I applied this method in my market garden and within 6-7 months changed an overgrown horse pasture into an abundant market garden. (see pictures)

– This approach in my experience has limited my weeding time dramatically so I can handle a 1/4 market garden alone without getting overwhelmed by weeds.

– The no-dig beds are filled with good quality compost, this compost is high in microbes, worm, minerals, nutrition and fungal activity, the plants can access it straight away, this leads to more
yield for less effort and a bountiful harvest.

– By feeding the soil with healthy compost and compost being a mulch. Mulches help retain moisture and this helps keep the soil from drying out on warmer days and keeps the plants in an optimum growing environment for them to thrive. Another added bonus of growing in a compost mulch is the ease of harvesting root veg compared to dug systems.