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Veg Boxes

This year Jacks Patch will be supplying you with a monthly subscription of seasonal produce from the farm. Once subscribed you will be an exclusive member of the farm and take a share of the seasonal produce available.

You can chose between having a medium or large weekly box for the month, delivered locally or picked up from a local vendor. You will also be given a website account where you can choose to add additional extras to your box such as more veggies, micro greens, mushrooms or sourdough from our local supplier @sourdough_on_sea which is the best sourdough locally and an exclusive to Jacks Patch boxes.

Any additional items added to the box would be need to be added a week before deliveries go out.

Each week you will be able to view the contents of your box for the upcoming week along with access to recipes on the website to give you inspiration for how to use your produce. This will ensure you can get the maximum benefit from your box and reduce any waste, it will also help you get creative and learn how to add more organic produce to your everyday life.

All produce will be in season, grown with love, beyond organic standards and plastic free.

For the Veg Boxes I use up-cycled mushroom crates, to keep them up-cycled we can exchange on each delivery or check my instagram (@jacks_patch) on how to grow your own produce in them. All packaging within the box is bio-degradable, compostable or loose. The patch currently is only 1/4 of an acre and extremely sbundant & productive. Although in this size of space some staples are not economically viable to grow, therefore to keep the business financially sustainable some of the produce that takes up a lot of space will be sourced off the farm.

As of this season; broccoli, cauliflower, squash, potatoes and cabbage will come in from other UK organic growers, those staples will arrive in your box along with the other delicious diversity I grow at the patch, this allows you to continue supporting local farmers and means you get more from your box.



Medium Weekly Box

£16 per week

Monthly subscription veg box with recipes & optional addons of ALT coffee & sourdough bread

Large Weekly Box

£20 per week

Monthly subscription veg box with recipes & optional addons of ALT coffee & sourdough bread

About Me

Hi I’m Jack, owner of Jack’s Patch and an Urban Farmer from London, I now run a regenerative
farm based on the principles of No-Dig and Permaculture.

My journey started in 2014 whilst working on a farm in Australia to extend my visa, I worked for a
soil scientist who ran a permaculture homestead, it was my first experience working on a farm and
was all completely new to me. I remember being fascinated by the gravity fed aquaponics system,
the lush gardens and the free roaming animals that all played their part in making the functions of
the farm run as its own eco system.

On the first day for lunch we harvested vegetables and fruit in to cook with and prepare fresh for
our first farm lunch, the freshness and taste from the produce picked only minutes before was an
experience I will never forgot. I remember saying ‘Oh My God, is this what an organic tomato
tastes like?!’ I was blown away and almost angry that up until that point I’d been robbed of how
‘real food’ tastes.

Pre-Australia I’d had no food culture, eating for substance, not for quality and can honestly say id
never eaten an avocado before I got there.

After my trip and experience working at a farm I was inspired, I wanted to keep my momentum

So I did what every 25 year old does and got myself and allotment!
After having a first year of successful growth I was becoming more and more eager to learn as
much as I could about growing food.

In the winter of 2016 I was eager to travel again but with a purpose to learn, I spontaneously
booked a course after googling permaculture and finding the top result was a farm in Costa Rica! It
was a 2 week Permaculture Design Course, off grid in the middle of the jungle on the Caribbean
coast. The farm was called Finca Tierra and it’s an edible food forest where students learn about
permaculture in this edible landscape, cleverly designed by Ian and Anna.
So within 3 days of booking my course I was on a flight to central America!

Over the two weeks I learnt an incredible amount of information about permaculture and working
with nature. I really feel by learning these ancient techniques to read the land and have a deep
understanding about it, my level of growing ability excelled to the level of understanding I have

After my trip I came back to my allotment and put my learning into practice. causing a stir at my
allotment by working smarter, not harder to gain incredible results from my growth.
I also expanded on my love to up-cycle and use waste as a solution, not a problem by designing
and building a plastic bottle greenhouse from up-cycled wood and 1000 plastic bottles diverted
from landfill.

During the 3 years on my plot I posted my journey on social media (@jacks_patch), this attracted
enough interest the I was able to move to a bigger site and fulfil my dream, this site is the 1/4 acre
market garden I am still on today and where Jack’s Patch was born.

Along with Permaculture, another method I adopted is No-Dig, which is the coined term by
Charles Dowding. I was helped greatly in the planning of my patch by doing a weekend course at
Charles amazing market garden Homeacres in Somerset. Charles method, along with my own
techniques gave me the recipe for success.

Fast forward to the current day and I am into my 3rd year of market gardening and constantly
learning from great teachers from around the world. My produce is feeding local families and
providing chefs top quality produce to use on their menu.
My passion continues to grow – no pun intended

This journey so far has been amazing an its just getting started. I love to teach growing to anyone I
can on social media, through talks at events or inspire others to choose organic/local produce.
I just want everyone to have the access to top quality food and help growing there own. By doing so we can help our community, our local economy, and ultimately our local eco system so we can continue to live in harmony on this beautiful planet.

Jack, owner of Jack’s Patch


Contact Me

The best ways to contact Jacks Patch is either through the enquiry form below or directly through my social media pages.

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